20 Female TikTok Stars In India

Since the acquisition of musical.ly by TikTok we have seen an increase in the number of TikTok users, and with that, we have seen an increase in numbers.

Number of internet users after changes in Jio mobile industry. Soon after the rise of TikTok, some TikTok influencers became well-known. The first video that comes to mind when thinking of TikTok is Gima Ashi and her friend Rujis dancing to the song Machaeng by Vini Emyo.

However, on June 29, 2020, the app was temporarily banned, and a few months later, it was permanently banned in the country along with 177 Chinese apps.


 After the ban, users could not access TikTok, even when using a VPN. However, there are many Chinese app clones on Playstore where these TikTok stars can be found.

  • 1. Garima Chaurasia (Gima Aashi)

  • 2. Jannat Zubair Rahmanni (Jannat Zubair)

  • 3. Anushka Sen

  • 4. Avneet Kaur

  • 5. Nisha Guragain

  • 7. Sayyed Arsifa Khan (arishfakhan)

  • 8. Disha Madan

  • 9. Rugees Vini

  • 10. Nagma Mirajkar

  • 11. Aashika Bhatia
  • 12. Ahsaas Channa
  • 13. Beauty Khan
  • 14. Chinki Minki (Surabhi Samriddhi)
  • 15. Somya Daundkar
  • 16. Mrunal Panchal
  • 17. Sameeksha Sud
  • 18. Ashnoor Kaur
  • 19. Aashna Hegde
  • 20. Ashi Khanna

TikTok star lifestyle

TikTok star lifestyle varies greatly depending on the individual, their level of fame, and their approach to content creation. However, some common themes in the TikTok star lifestyle include:

  1. Content creation: TikTok stars spend a significant amount of time creating and editing videos for their followers. This may involve coming up with ideas, filming, and editing videos.

  2. Social media management: TikTok stars often manage multiple social media accounts, such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, to engage with their fans and promote their content.

  3. Collaboration: Many TikTok stars collaborate with other creators to expand their reach and create new content. This may involve participating in challenges or creating joint videos.

  4. Brand partnerships: As TikTok stars gain a following, they may attract the attention of brands who want to collaborate with them. This may involve sponsored content or brand deals.

  5. Travel: TikTok stars may travel frequently for events, collaborations, or to create content in new locations.

  6. Public appearances: As their fame grows, TikTok stars may be invited to make public appearances, such as at events or on TV shows.

It’s worth noting that not all TikTok stars experience the same level of fame or success, and the lifestyle of a TikTok star can be unpredictable and subject to change. Additionally, maintaining a high level of engagement with fans and creating new content can be demanding and time-consuming.